About Us


Rinalogy, LLC has developed three advanced cloud-based Big Data search technologies.

Rinalogy Search finds the correct documents using its unique query model. The model allows users to enter detailed search information that is used to identify the most relevant documents with a high level of accuracy.

Rinalogy Predict is a Technology Assisted Review application (TAR) for document review which incorporates machine learning capabilities. Predict enables its users to actively train the software over time and then to classify documents in the database by classes or tags.

Rinalogy Adapta performs Continuous Active Learning (CAL) which is another application for document review that uses machine learning. Adapta finds relevant documents based on input provided by users. After users assign tags to documents Adapta builds a model for each tag and shows documents to users from the most to the least likely relevant.

All products can be integrated with user technology via Rinalogy’s API.