• Lighting Fast
    Search Returns in Seconds
  • High Accuracy
    Better Results with Less Training
  • Unlimited Data Size
    Cloud Based - On Demand
  • Learning software
    Learns From User Feedback
  • Flexibility
    Cloud or Desktop Solution

Power through the Plug-in

  • New Query Model
  • Custom Concept Definitions
  • Powerful API
  • Relative Importance
  • Real-Time Model Evaluation
  • Collaboration

Our Technology

Rinalogy software is designed to quickly provide accurate results when searching Big Data. Our advanced information retrieval solutions help users find the most applicable documents. Rinalogy’s advanced query model allows users to enter detailed concepts without being bogged down with antiquated and confusing syntax. The query model helps identify the correct documents better, with a high degree of accuracy, empowering the end user.


All Rinalogy technologies are accessible through a robust API enabling them to be integrated with your environment.