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Rinalogy offers unique solutions that quickly find complete and accurate information in data sources.

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Rinalogy Search

Experience the simplicity, power and speed of our unique interactive search that finds what each user is looking for, quickly.
Rinalogy Search is a next generation search tool that uses machine learning to interactively learn from each user to return personalized results based on Your feedback (patent #10,353,940).
Rinalogy Search complements any search technologies already in use (e.g. Google, Bing, Sharepoint, Elasticsearch, others) to significantly improve results and it does not require a separate indexed library of documents. Users can run one query against all available data sources (e.g. internet, local knowledge base) simultaneously.

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Rinalogy Classification API

Learn about a new powerful classification technology that uses continuous active learning to identify the most relevant documents out of a given population and classify documents with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

​Rinalogy Classification API is a text classification technology that accurately classifies content into user-defined categories. It can be easily integrated with other applications to perform classification of all documents in a collection. 

Rinalogy Classification API has been successfully deployed as the classification engine of Sentio Software used in the legal community to perform document review for eDiscovery.(www.sentiosoft.com)  

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Take a test drive of Rinalogy Search for the web. We are offering a 14-day risk free trial so you can kick the tires and see how much more complete information you can get from a search and how easy it is to get better, personalized results.

Rinalogy Search works with third-party searches (e.g. Google, Bing, SharePoint, Elasticsearch, Windows Search Indexer) on the fly and does not require a separate indexed library of documents to be created. Users of Rinalogy Search can run one query across multiple data sources and get results from all data sources prioritized by their relevance during each user session.

Rinalogy works by processing data in real time. It supports documents in English, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Rinalogy user has the capability of separately weighting individual parts of a query which affects document weighting and the results quality.

Rinalogy returns relevancy scores for individual documents in the results for each query. In Rinalogy Search, each user could receive individualized results for the same query if users were looking for different aspects of a subject.

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Connectors are interfaces between Rinalogy Search and data sources. Rinalogy Search sends a customer query through a connector to a data source and gets the results back for further user interaction. Data sources with currently available connectors are listed on our Rinalogy Search product page. Don’t see what you are looking for? Contact us to request a new connector or discuss how to apply Rinalogy's capabilities to your data.
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